I am experienced training all types of clients with all different fitness levels. I work on a holistic way, not only working on the body but also the mind, to obtain life-changing results.

Level 2 and 3 qualified Personal trainer, studying Level 4 in Strength and Conditioning. I constantly seek knowledge and ways of improving myself, so I can offer a better service to the people I train.

Before becoming a Coach and Personal trainer, I trained as a professional athlete, doing long jump for over 15 years. This has influenced my way of training and my mindset towards fitness.

On my several years as a Personal trainer I have trained a wide range of people with different fitness levels helping them hit their fitness targets. No matter if you're training for an athletic milestone, weight loss or getting back in shape, I can guide you on your journey.

I'm also a qualified boxing exercise instructor, which is a fantastic option as cardio and to build your stamina.

All these different experiences in different areas of fitness, sports and exercising has contributed to the way I build workout sessions, been able to adapt them to any fitness level, from beginner to professional.